How to Photograph your Dog

Bonnie really doesn’t like having the camera pointed at her but can become very interested and animated if I have a treat in my hand, this always brings out the best expression on her face. You will know how to bring out the best in your pet, it maybe worth enlisting the help of another person to assist you with this. (If someone is holding your pet for you I am able to paint them out if need be).

Try to get your furry friend in a good light, try and get down to eye level with them hopefully without being licked, even if it means lying on the floor to get the best shots. Looking down on them will result in an odd pose! Depending on their adorable face either a face on or profile photograph are always the best. If it is more than one furry friend then hope for the best but I find a human holding a treat for them and another human taking the photo helps! Good luck!